Amazon Advertising Learning Console

Whether you're a new or an experienced advertiser, the Learning Console lets you expand your knowledge to grow your business

Why the Learning Console?

Learn at your own pace

Take individual courses to quickly learn new skills, or choose a learning path and complete multiple courses — you can design it according to your own schedule.

Obtain and share certificates

Show what you can do and get certified with Amazon Advertising

You decide what you want to learn

You will receive course recommendations that support your learning path and help you grow your business

How it works

Sign up for a Learning Console account using the email address and password you use to manage your campaigns with Amazon Advertising, or create an Amazon account here. It's fast, easy and free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use the Learning Console?

The learning console is free.

How do I obtain a certificate?

You can obtain a certificate by doing one of our tests for which a certificate is issued, such as “Search Advertising”.

What is the course format?

In the Learning Console, you can watch videos, complete interactive courses individually, or choose a learning path and take a series of courses.

Can I access the Learning Console from my mobile device?

Yes, allows you to access the Learning Console from any device.