Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are ads that include your brand logo, an individual headline, and up to three of your products. These ads appear in search results and help increase the recognition of your brand and product portfolio.

This video shows the campaign performance of an advertiser from the US.
The results shown here cannot be guaranteed for other marketplaces.

Getting started


Select the products you want to promote.


Create the headline of your ad and insert images creatively.


Decide which keywords you want to use and how high the bids for clicks should be.


Submit your ad for review. It will be checked within 72 hours.

Who can use Sponsored Brands?

Sponsored Brands are available to professional sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, as well as merchants, booksellers, and agencies that represent merchants.

How Sponsored Brands work

Increasing brand awareness

Sponsored Brands appear in search results and can help you improve the visibility of your brand. Customized messaging allows you to present the brand to customers the way you want it to be perceived.

Guide buyers to your products

Sponsored Brands reach customers who are looking for specific items. When Amazon customers click on your brand logo, they are redirected to a Store or custom landing page. Clicking a product takes them to the product detail page.

Control costs

Ads are calculated per click. So you only pay when customers click on your ads. You control the level of your media spend by setting your budget and choosing how much you want to bid per click.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Sponsored Brands?

With Sponsored Brands, the interest of customers who are searching for products on Amazon and have a high intent to buy is directed to your brand.

Where do my ads appear for Sponsored Brands?

Your ads can appear above, at the side of, or within search results. Ads can appear on both desktop and mobile devices.

How much does it cost?

You offer the maximum amount you are willing to pay when a buyer clicks on an ad for your product. The more competitive your bid is, the more likely that your ad will appear when it matches a buyer's search on Amazon.

What categories are eligible for Sponsored Brands?

Currently, adult products, used products, reconditioned products, and closed categories are not eligible for advertising.

What results can I expect?

Sponsored Brands can help you achieve a variety of objectives, from boosting awareness of a new product, promoting seasonal items, or extending to increasing the demand for a bestseller.

We offer a range of tools and reports that make it easy to analyze and measure campaign performance. With new customer statistics, you can measure how many initial customers you have won through your campaign in the last 12 months. ACOS (advertising cost of sales) shows what percent of sales you spend on advertising. Once you start your campaign, you can view performance via the graphic dashboard and in the downloadable reports (from the reporting page).